WEBROOT SAFE WSAINSTALL EXE Activation is a computer security software program for Microsoft Windows users that combine software as a service cloud protection with traditional Antivirus and anti-spyware desktop technologies. Built into the suite is a two-way firewall, a registry cleaner, Email anti-spam, secure browsing, anti-phishing, and a password management service. The suite was at first discharged on July 26, 2010, as the 2011 variant of the item.


  • Identity theft protection
  • Protects your usernames, account numbers, and other personal information.
  • Secure browsing with real-time anti-phishing
  • Blocks fake sites that trick you into entering personal information.
  • Password and login protection
  • Encrypts passwords, usernames, and credit card numbers for secure access.
  • Mobile security
  • Continuous protection without battery drain or interruptions.
  • Lightning fast scans
  • Fast scans with no interruptions, so you and your device won’t be slowed down.


Frequently asked questions-

what is www.webroot.com/safe ?

To activate your webroot www.webrootcom/safe if the right website where we can get the webroot installer file .  

How to do webrootsafe activation ?

Reach at www.webrootcom/safe to completely activate your webroot antivirus . Here i am going to give you step by step instructions to download . also click directly on the link www.webrootcom/safe to activate your product by yourself.

What is a webroot key code ?

A webroot keycode is a 20 character string. It includes number and alphabet. 

Where can i find my webroot key code ?

If you purchased your webroot from a local/offline store then your webroot key code is on the back of your retail card. If you purchased it online see your email inbox. Or your account of  that website from where you purchased that.

What if i am not able to install webroot secureanywhere ?

If you are facing any problem during the installation , consider calling technical support.

Some of the additional practices you need to keep on mind while using your PC…… WEBROOT SAFE WSAINSTALL EXE Activation

1. Secure Your Network with Webroot Safe and stay protected 

Many of our computers connect with our files, printers, or the web via a Wi-Fi affiliationensure it needs a countersign to access it which the countersign is robust. never broadcast AN open Wi-Fi affiliation. Use WPA or WPA2 secret writing. WEP isn’t any longer robust enough because it will be bypassed in minutes by specialists.

2. Webroot Safe install Says Think Before You Click

Avoid websites that give pirated material. That means don’t open AN email attachment from someone or an organization that you just don’t graspdon’t click on a link in AN uninvited email. forever hover over a link (especially one with a URL shortener) before you click to visualize wherever the link is de facto taking you. If you have got to transfer a file from the net, an email, AN FTP website, a file-sharing service, etc., scan it before you run it. A smart anti-virus code can do this mechanicallyhoweverensure it’s being done.

3. Keep Your Personal Information Safe because threats are everywhere.

This is possible the foremost troublesome factor to try to on the netseveral hackers can access your files not by brute force, however through social engineering. they’re going to get enough of your data to realize access to your online accounts and can pull together a lot of your personal knowledge

4. Don’t Use Open Wi-Fi. Experts say Secure Your PC with Webroot Safe

When you square measure at the native eating house, library, and particularly the aerodrome, don’t use the “free” open (non-password, non-encrypted) Wi-Fi. deem it. If you’ll be able to access it with no problems, what will a trained malicious individual do?

5. Back Up Your Files time to time so that you will never lose Important data 

The best issue you’ll do is make a copy your files—all of them. Ideally, you’ll have your files (your data) in a minimum of 3 places: the place wherever you’re employed on them, on a separate device, and off-site.
Keep your files on your pc, back them up to AN external Winchester drive, then back them up during a completely different location. you’ll use a backup service or just get 2 external exhausting drives and keep one at work, at a friend’s house, at a family member’s house, or during a safe safe-deposit box.

6. Use Multiple Strong Passwords.

Never use constant secretparticularly on your checking account. Typically, we tend to use the constant email address or username for all of our accounts. Those square measure straightforward to visualize and steal. If you employ constant secret for everything, or on several things, and it’s discovered, then it takes solely seconds to hack your account. Use a powerful secret.
So, these are certain areas where you need to be very careful. While working on your computer and also when using your internet. Hence it is clear that your awareness will make your computer safe and secure.